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Old Town Clovis Antiques & Collectibles Fair

Yesterday we participated at the Old Town Clovis Antiques & Collectibles Fair! Woke up at 3:30 am, to arrive at 4:30 am! Unloaded the trailer in 50 degree weather, boy was that nice.

By 10 am, we sold a quarter to half of our booth. The Studebaker tailgate was still there after about 60, or more, people checked it out. We had quite a few offers on it until this young boy, I'd say 17, came up and made the move. I'd have to say he'd seemed very excited to be walking away with his new Studebaker tailgate. Should have grabbed a photo of him with it, definitely a highlight.

​​The most asked about items we're these antique/vintage discus. Most questions consisted of 'what are these', once we told them it was like that aha moment or 'I knew that'. All three sold.


Our strangest item was this little black funeral directors metal box below, was very cute though! One of our estate sale customer's purchased, she was excited about it. We also had some creepy dolls, none sold, we'll save for the fall show, closer to Halloween.

Other fun highlights, train horns sold to a very happy cowboy who's wife might not be so happy about them, the Invisible Man game sold to an excited medical student who planned to play right when she got home, the bread bowl sold to a lady that came to our booth a half dozen times before she made an offer and was going to put in her kitchen, the Studebaker hubcap sold to a woman who really wanted the tailgate but was happy to get at least one of them!

Over all, we have a fantastic day and as always, loved seeing our beloved customers and making new ones!

Here are some photos of the finished booth:

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